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The competitiveness of an airline is not determined by applying IT solutions, it is determined how integrated, how accepted and smart they are applied. We take you the smart way. With digitalization and data analytics determining the pace of success IT and business become deeply enlaced. Therefore, successful IT implementations require business and IT insight, but also the foresight of what a sustainable and flexible solution needs in supporting future growth.

Successful transformation projects need a partner with industry insight to determine the requirements and the best fit solution for your business. Our team has a successful track record with industry peers in IT and business strategy development, innovation & change management, process and operations transformations. We support you beyond an off-the-shelf software implementation. We get engaged with you in cutting complexity and determine IT and business solutions generating a traceable impact.


XLM AERO supports, innovates and enables you in achieving.

Transformation ServiceS

XLM AERO provides 3 service MODULES 4a : KEOPS implementation, database and consulting.

The service modules used for your transformation are selected and consolidated as a package aligned to your needs, short term objectives and strategic goals. Supporting you from no frills to turnkey solutions while assuring savings, efficiency, customer satisfaction, revenue generation and automation at your pace. 

Keops implementation

  • Proof of concept
  • Implementation
  • Customization of interfaces & functionalities
  • Training
  • Application management

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  • Database & analytics
  • Airport fees, navigation charges & taxes (public tariffs)
  • Charges and fees
  • Data provisioning & update as a service package
  • Adhoc route cost calculation upon request

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  • IT, OPS, e-invoice audits
  • IT, OPS, e-invoice audits
  • E-invoice readiness
  • OPS & IT strategy
  • OPS IT solution selection
  • RFP management
  • Specification development
  • Operations consulting (CDMm Hub, OPS Control)

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KEOPS implementation

Proof of concept - POC

Test KEOPS and get acquainted with KEOPS !

Potential users can get engaged with KEOPS by receiving a standalone trial version set up with actual data for testing of functions and requirements.

In general customers performed a POC from 3 – 6 months.

The POC comprises the following:

  • KPI based result evaluation
  • Open and transparent engagement and cooperation with you and KEOPS team
  • Measured & systematic debrief
  • Cost benefit analysis
  • Documentation of customization requirements

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In close cooperation with you we scale the projects to your needs. A full scope project support comprises the following:

  • Evaluation of strategic fit and alignment of objectives
  • Project and change management
  • Gap analysis: analysis of current software functionalities / interfaces
  • Specification development for customization or process refinement
  • Software configuration
  • Migration and integration
  • Training and change workshops
  • Test management
  • UAT . cut over . go-live support
  • Maintenance and release management

R&D : product enhancement . user forums . change requests . user feedback management . iRoundtable

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KEOPS solutions cover a range of interfaces.

Standard exchange formats are available and can be tailored to your specific requirements or processes.


  • Standard for KEOPS CC: EDI (IATA IS-XML, Eurocontrol, etc.) / ERP / Flight Planning
  • Standard for KEOPS FS / OC / CC: IATA telex type B and X


KEOPS solutions cover a range of regulatory and functional industry standards, rules and algorithms to be configured within the project.

KEOPS is designed to be enhanced and customized to best in class meeting customer requirements.  

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XLM Aero provides customized training to your needs:

  • Training by long-term actual users at their premises
  • Secondments supporting you onsite


User Platform

XLM Aero provides a user web-platform to access manuals and find answers via the XLM Aero website.
KEOPS CHAT allows users to exchange.

User Forum

In the annual user forum we engage in workshops to present XLM product enhancements planned to determine the evolution of KEOPS and discuss what customer requirements or change requests should be part of the product development. It is the KEOPS community to determine the next release components.

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Application management

Software as a service comprises:
-  Time limited application subscription 
-  Tariff DATABASE and updates

Option 1: KEOPS is installed on your own servers.

Option 2: XLM Aero takes care of hosting the application.

99.98% availability / year


Customer’s buy the license with a one time installation fee.
Lifetime right of use.

Option 1: KEOPS is installed on your own servers.

Option 2: XLM Aero takes car of hosting the application.


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Airport fees, navigation charges & taxes - Analytics

XLM Aero provides airport & en route navigation fees and charges for the airports and routes of your choice.

XLM offers a customized database of charges package for the destinations and routes of choice. Updates are shared as soon as charges change. You can fully outsource the gathering of data and information to us.

XLM Aero offers adhoc airport and navigation charge provisioning upon request for a flight, route, schedule or destination.

Powered by Qlik XLM Aero provides you with customized or standard benchmark reports of your choice.

The charges and fees provided comprise:

  • Landing & parking fees
  • Passenger charges
  • Security fees
  • Infrastructure fees
  • Terminal navigation charges
  • Enroute navigation charges
  • Handling charges
  • Governmental / environmental taxes

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E-invoice readiness

SIS automation and cost control can save companies up to 2% on operating expenses according to IATA.

Although e-invoicing is straight forward numerous airlines and suppliers struggle with formats, the automation of the process and the implementation of the IATA IS-XML standard. The main challenges are:

  • Leagal compliance
  • Alignment of various e-invoice formats to IATA IS-XML standard
  • IATA SIS vs. B2B
  • Data quality
  • Multi-system data flows and source integration
  • Collaborative committment of all partners
  • Alignment of service items and contracts

Our team has a proven track record in e-invoicing projects, specification and software implementation. We are able to fast track your e-invoicing readiness assuring atmost automation and standardization with your business partners.

Our experience assures a close cooperation with all stakeholders in aligning expectations and formats of sending and receiving invoices, as well as determining a suitable reconciliation process regardless of the technical maturity and graphical location of your business partners.


  • On time project
  • Tailored solution
  • Effective and efficient invoicing process
  • State of the art automation level
  • Long-term expertise in airline e-invoicing
  • Buy-in of your partners
  • Tracable savings

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IT, OPS, e-invoice audits - quick 3 day e-readiness audit

Interested in how far advanced your systems and processes are?

XLM Aero’s e-invoice and solutions experts will review your invoicing process. They will audit the whole process chain from contract management – invoicing – costing:

  • Cost calculation and generation
  • Budgeting
  • Reconciliation
  • Claim management
  • Posting of payments and cost

We check your level of automation, your IT system functionalities and benchmark you against industry standard.

We determine recommendations and action plans in how to enhance to 100% e-invoicing and full automation of invoice control.

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