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Keops CC


Measure and manage airline operating cost:

  • Budgeting
  • Scheduling
  • Day of OPS OCC HCC
  • Invoice control
  • Analytics  

KEOPS CC facilitates cost control throughout all stages of the business. Inherently based on activity based costing.
KEOPS CC provides precise on the spot cost calculations for network or route planning up to route profitability analysis.
KEOPS CC allows what if scenarios, OPS irregularities and post flight analytics. Cost deviations are visualized and traceable on a flight by flight, item by item level.
KEOPS CC complements situational awareness with exact impact economics. 
KEOPS CC has a traceable ROI based on automated post flight invoice control and cost posting.

On the road map. Nextgen


KEOPS CC ++ knows the optimal cost index for a flight per day, the exact cost of delay and the economic impact on misconnections and cancelations per flight.

More innovative solutions

Tomorrow’s airlines will manage cost in their Operations Control Centers. Post flight cost and performance analytics will be a thing of the past. Cost impact analytics and cost predictions will support the decision makers in pro-actively shaping the economic performance of the airline. Post flight activities will be dominated by automation: automated invoice control, accounting, reporting, data analytics and statistics.

XLM Aero intends to engage in transforming the operations for tomorrow. Success is determined by leaping ahead, by disruptive innovation and innovation without boundaries. 

XLM Aero advocates minimum viable product (MVP) innovation.

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What's new under the sun?

KEOPS operational control module

This module is laying on a powerful graphical interface and efficient automation tools (IATA messages integration) in order to ease the flight preparation and tracking and the daily reporting.

The main functions of this module are the supplier management, airport management, flight instructions, pax and freight, tail assignment and the flight dispatch.

A post-flight analysis is also included in the KEOPS Operational Control module.

  • It is our vision to provide the industry with exact real-time costing for Network, OPS Lease and Maintenance decision making. OPS Controllers will have full economic impact awareness (OPS, customer, cost) at their fingertip. Tomorrow's OCC will perform economic decisions ad we will be there to support.

    Rafiq Khelifa, CEO

  • SIS automation and cost control can save companies up to 2% on operating expenses.

     International Air Transport Association - IATA

  • You can’t manage what you don’t measure.

    Peter Drucker