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Crew Management

Thanks to KEOPS Crew Management you will be able to develop your crew rostering faster, in a fair way and at the best cost. Our various modules will allow you to optimize your resources with automatic assignment and well manage your crew with respect to the legal aspect.

KEOPS automatic crew rostering module

KEOPS automatic crew rostering offers a planning schedule in a short timeframe and at the best cost while taking into account all constraints of your company, whether legal, social or economic. This module will allow you to highly optimize your resources.

The automatic crew rostering module is fully integrated with KEOPS but can also be used alone.

KEOPS crew e-borders module

With the KEOPS e-borders module, your airline will be able to send electronic crew data (upon request or automatically), prior to the flight departures to the Department of Home Affair they fly to.

With regard to compatible formats, E-borders is applicable for flights from and to the UK and as well for South African APP.

KEOPS crew webaccess module

This module is designed to facilitate a lot the communication between crews and airlines all along the rostering process.

Indeed, with this web portal, crew members are able to bid for off days or routes. Crew members can afterwards check their bids feedback and have access to the published roster.

Other functions are available such as auto update of personal details and a messaging function to communicate with other crew members.

KEOPS crew sign on-off module

With this module you will be able to avoid and anticipate roster disruptions thanks to the real time tracking of crew members show up and no shows time, and actual duty times (based on actual sign on, sign off times).

This way, the system alerts Crew desk and OCC in case some members don’t show up on time, or if the assignment they sign on for is illegal.

KEOPS crew training module

With KEOPS crew training module you will be able to manage the recency issues and make sure that no crew member gets assigned overdue.

KEOPS automatically tracks the next deadlines based on the actual roster, you just have to define the duties subjected to renewal and the renewal conditions. Thus, if you try to assign a crew member whose recency has expired, you will directly receive a warning or a blocking message.

KEOPS crew legality module

The KEOPS crew legality module deals with more than 100 rules, applicable to the different types of crew, in order to make sure that your roster is still legal.

The checks are made automatically, considering the sets of rules you have selected, and in the case it is no more legal, an email is sent by the system to warn you. These checks may be performed on screen, or issued as a report.

KEOPS crew planning module

The KEOPS Crew Planning module was designed to make the Crew Rostering & tracking process easy to elaborate, publish and re publish in case changes occur. The assignment process is made of 2 functions: pairing creation and pairing assignment and tracking which both are manual or automated.

This module also offers a lot of other functions as crew record management, graphical display, duties by crew member, ground duties, crew by flight and available crew.

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