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IT Conference in Miami

March 13 th and 14 th 2018

XLM Aero @ Aircraft Commerce Airline & Aerospace MRO & Flight Operations IT Conference in Miami.

Do you apply correct cost index (CI)? Take a pit stop and gear up on how to apply accurate operations costing for an optimal CI calculation. Exchange with us on CI and operations costing. Engage with us on #MakeThingsBetter #MakeOPSBetter

For lean and low cost for small and regional airlines we supply a plug and ready to operate platform for scheduling, operations & maintenance control and crew management.

See us at booth #F2

Traditional cost cutting programs have reached their limits. We provide activity and cost driver based analytics enabling and empowering airlines to base its decisions on accurate costing. Change from cost indicators to accurate cost management for operations.

Learn more about the key operations and costing issues the industry faces and the get to know the keys we provide for accurate operations and irregularity cost management. Gain insight into XLM’s KEy for OPS: KEOPS.

XLM Aero presents its product portfolio in a 7 min slot and its view on operating cost. Meet us at Miami Hilton Down Town !


March 13th, 2018

17:10 - 17:45
Vendor Showcase: Flight Operations Solutions

If we were able to catch your interest. See us.

XLM Aero presents its vision on airline operations costing and CI.


March 14th, 2018

16:30 - 17:00
50 shades of grey. Lifting the shades on traditional costing or 50 reasons why airlines should opt for driver-based operations costing (DBOC) in the future.

Today’s airline cost management is based on cost aggregation and distribution keys. This translates into management by average or assumptions. The only real way to learn how cost disparities compound is to build a bottom-up view of unit costs and volumes. With traditional cost-cutting programs reaching their limits McKinsey assumes that a ‘driver analysis offers many traditional carriers cost-cutting opportunities of 10 to 20 percent a seat, even without a substantial shift in business models.’ The presentation outlines how activity based costing (ABC) and driver-based costing evolved, how DBOC is to be applied complimented by the reasoning why it will be tomorrow’s way of managing cost. The magnitude of disruption for maintenance / schedule planners, operations control, hub, network managers, as well as financial controllers will be discussed. The systems required for DBOC exist it just needs innovators to lift the grey shades.