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This article in French is about the XLM AERO growth and ability to address major airlines (100+ aircraft) with a Best-in-Class solution to control Airlines Operating Costs. The complex and time-consuming invoice control process is highly automated to track any overbilling and manage claims to suppliers.

KEOPS also brings capabilities to precisely calculate accruals and produce budgets. KEOPS CC is a real Decision support system bringing significant cost savings to any airline.

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EXPRESS AIR CARGO has selected KEOPS to manage its operations and control its direct operating costs (DOC).

XLM AERO has deployed the Flight Scheduling, Crew Management, Flight Operations and Direct Operating Costs Control modules in a very short timeframe to meet the start of the company operations. The Tunisian cargo Airlines has flown its first flight between Tunis and Paris CDG the 25th of February and intends to become the new bridge between Europe and Africa. XLM AERO is proud to partner with EXPRESS AIR CARGO by providing efficient applications and professional services to support the growth of this new fresh Airlines.


XLM Aero has just been created!

That's it! We are proud to announce that XLM Aero has just been created by the growth of XLM Corporate group. We recently recovered the KEOPS software from ifrSKEYES (an Airbus Company), and moved to Tournefeuille (France) where our team is developing and improving the functionalities of the software in order to offer your airline the best solutions.

Discover the new generation of KEOPS Software!

XLM Aero is delighted to announce that its team has just started to develop the new generation of KEOPS Software. We are working on new graphical interfaces and new features in order to always provide our clients the best solution for their airline. These new versions will be available soon and will allow its users to benefit from a software at the cutting edge of technology.